Joining blanket squares

Joining blanket square Cast on three stitches on dpn. Slip last stitch to rh needle, pick up edge stick, pass slip stitch back to left needle, knit knit middle stitch, rot for pop edge

edged cuff. I love trims that are knitted-on along a selvedge, they are so clever, and so much easier than picking up hundreds of stitches.

Knitting a lace edging onto live stitches. This looks clever.

zwei interessante Lochmuster mit Strickschrift (weiter auf - gefunden auf

05 - Ажур.

Nice mixture of cables and lace!

Lace Knitting Stitch #11 This website is a great resource for lace knitting stitches

Lace Knitting Stitch such a pretty knit pattern

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Lace knit pattern

Образцы вязания , схемы

Lace knit pattern



What a beautiful pattern stitch

frost flower shawl

Ravelry: Panna Frost Flower Lace Shawl pattern by Foldi knit. Link is to machine knit pattern and then there is another link to hand knit version.

Он-лайн Шаль '' Бабочки''. - Страна Мам | шали палантины шарфы | Постила

шали палантины шарфы

That is one fantastic pattern

узор 274 ажурная дорожка | каталог вязаных спицами узоров


узор 274 ажурная дорожка | каталог вязаных спицами узоров