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Russian advertisement for coffee Nice, to see this! I just like looking at beautiful things of all shapes, sizes and colours and that's that.

13680492_1102242023170293_9061599455037036784_n.jpg (550×960)

13680492_1102242023170293_9061599455037036784_n.jpg (550×960)

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‘Kolkhoz propaganda poster by Khokhloma

1128. Советский плакат: Построим хорошие свинарники!

Soviet poster : build a good pigsties !

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Соц. плакат ЖКХ

Соц. плакат ЖКХ

(4) Твиттер

(4) Твиттер

.Carefully guard warehouses, barns, sheds with Soviet property.

Carefully guard warehouses, barns, sheds with Soviet property.


Is the planet shaking, or is it just me?

soviet propaganda poster

criticize the shortcomings of the

Soviet poster

historyinposters: “ Soviet poster Text: “Winter… Frozen Nazi marauders under the snow near Moscow found the graves for themselves.

Soviet poster

Nazi produced anti-Jewish propaganda poster in Russian.