There's one certain athlete that I LOVE that I wish I could've sent this to a couple of months ago. He's doing well now, but when he first got hurt, he was SO upset. It honestly broke my heart for him.

Some doors that God doesn't open...

Some doors God doesn't open for you is nothing more than divine protection. And others, the timing just isn't right yet. Trust him.

With God all things are possible

The Word of God is God- breathed and He wants to give us His divine breath continuously for divine living. We must open ourselves to His Word and breathe Him in. The Word of God is Spirit life.

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If Jesus Came to Your House Poem with Free Printable. Last line tied to a holiday but this is a beautiful reminder for every day of the year

I read this, in my bed, after a failed attempt to convince my parents to let me become vegan. I love you God, Christ, and Holy Spirit.

I'm not Catholic, so going to mass is not part of my life, but I love the first suggestions!

Need to remember this....

I don't want my children to be what I want them to be. I want them to become everything God created them to be. God has plan for my children.стихотворение/?utm_campaign=bprecs&e_t=520206d66d184a64a9b65563da6b6f1d&utm_content=838021511850788009&utm_source=31&utm_term=4&utm_medium=2004стихотворение/?utm_campaign=bprecs&e_t=520206d66d184a64a9b65563da6b6f1d&utm_content=838021511850788009&utm_source=31&utm_term=4&utm_medium=2004

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