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Audi Flying Car Concept...Shittt lovee this project mannn

If i was an engineer/car designer I would use the concept prototype for this Audi Flying Car. Its important to create a prototype, because it allows those who are working and designing to see what works and what doesn't work. Considering the flying ca

there's something a little euro about this but it could still work in the states

This is an amazing color palette. I love the colors used in this outfit, it is put together nicely and also fits into my career path. I want to design clothing that fits into modern life and the color scheme of every season.

Это я в другой жизни)

Most animals are cute, however fluffy animals certainly have the edge when it comes to being absolutely adorable. Everyone one of these animals looks so

Mr. Porter Kingsman Collection

Pin for Later: The Relationship Between Fashion and Film Reaches New Heights The Kingsman Collection For Mr Porter