Pearl and goldwork embroidery - stylized pomegranate design

Stylized Pomegranate in Pearl & Goldwork Embroidery

Pearl and goldwork embroidery - stylized pomegranate design:

Куклы в Народных Костюмах История костюма и культура края. Ссылки, фото, обсуждение • 11 страница • Форум о журнальных коллекциях Деагостини, Ашет, Eaglemoss

The gown and kokoshnik of Russian princesses (tcarevna) before the century. Starting this suit was annulled as civil dress and was used only at masquerades or any other performances.

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Beautiful kokoshnik with pearls! - The kokoshnik is a commonly used name for a variety of traditional Russian headdresses worn by women and girls to accompany the sarafan, primarily worn in the northern regions of Russia in the to centuries.

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Perfectly Chaotic Russian Beauty Wearing a Kokoshnik by Konstantin Makovsky, early 1880 Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky is a Russian artist. Many of his historical paintings show an.