Валентин Василиевич

Валентин Василиевич

Валентин Василиевич
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George Clooney Batman & Robin 1997.  He was given a rotten script.  He could have been SO much better.  I think Clooney was robbed.

George Clooney Batman & Robin He was given a rotten script. I think Clooney was robbed.

Batman_and_superman_by_SeanE Obviously Batman man brought the whopass.

As a child I was a comic book fanatic, and to this day still have several hundred stored away. The one character that always got my attention was Batman. I remembered first seeing Batman on Nick at Night. Of course the comic book Batman was a little.

Batman - Sean Gordon Murphy, Colors - Josh Jensen

black-box-comics: “Batman Art by Sean Gordon Murphy Colors by Josh Jensen More comic art at Black Box ”