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two chairs and a table in a room
YouTube: Making An Organic Shaped DIY Ball Foot Coffee Table — Smor Home
two photos side by side with the same table in different stages of being used as a coffee table
DIY COFFEE TABLE WITH PVC PIPES | easy & budget-friendly | lotsofdots
three pink and white bows are sitting on a table next to dried flowers, with one tied up in the shape of a cross
Alice Lee on Instagram: "I made these ceramic bow wall vases! 🎀🌸 this video is an ode to the random ideas that strike you at 9 PM that you then get hooked on and stay up all night to get done the day before your guests arrive for Thanksgiving :) These bow vases have a built in mount in the back so they can be installed on the wall, as well as two holes that hold a small bunch of dried flowers! This year I started drying flowers in my room — from my garden and from old bouquets (@diosablooms 💕). So it’s lovely to get to repurpose these flowers and see them in bloom everyday in my kitchen now! I had thought that I wanted to take a short break + not touch clay for the rest of the year (reasons: it’s a long drying process, very messy, other stuff to do, etc). But then when I found myself st
a pink candle holder sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white towel
꒰🍥 ꒱– i'm not the owner﹔☆༘⋆ ʚɞ
three bottles with flowers in them sitting on a table next to an old radio and some candles
a large mirror reflecting a bed in a room with pictures on the wall above it
my little sanctuary 🧚🏼
a potted plant sitting on top of a black and white checkerboard floor
an image of a dining room with green leaves on the ceiling and chairs around it
a tiled floor with stars on it and a hole in the middle that is surrounded by tiles
a window seat in the corner of a room with bookshelves on either side
Home Decor Ideas: Inject the ‘Nowness’ with Designer’s Insights
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a white refrigerator freezer sitting next to a wooden shelf filled with glasses and plates