Enemies of the Revolution (1917-1921)

Posters from the Russian Revolution & Civil War: the pillars of the old order with White leaders - seems the old flag won in the end.

We'll Fulfill the Directives of the XX Congress of the Communist Party, 1958 - original vintage poster by V Suryaninov listed on AntikBar.co.uk

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Poster from the 1950’s: “We are peaceful people, yet our armored train stands at the ready.”

35 Of The Most Impressive Communist Propaganda Posters

35 Communist Propaganda Posters Illustrate The Art And Ideology Of Another Time

Fascism is the worst enemy of women! Rise up and fight it!

Fascism is the worst enemy of women! All to battle against fascism! No, fashizm eto vrag vsego i vsya.

Пионерские плакаты СССР (19 шт)

"He wears red tie, being an example to all children. He - is a girl, He - is a boy. He - is a junior pioneer!

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