You must choose between Mercy or Genocide... But beware! The judge is in the grand hall and you'll have a bad time kid.
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Determinationtale By CreaterOfCasell@deviantart

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Potential bad time
Aw chiz

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OMEGA FLOWEY - Undertale Stained Glass by Aelorz.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
Lesser Dog stained glass by aelorz on Deviantart

Undertale Stained Glass

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an image of a man sitting on the ground in front of a giant dragon with its mouth open
an image of some cartoon characters on the same page, with different captions in each panel
Potential bad time
an image of the inside of a box
Aw chiz
an animated skeleton is standing next to a child
Cybertale | Undertale
two pictures of people in different outfits, one is holding a knife and the other has a heart
Undertale ❖ Ролевая Игра ❖ Deltarune. Запись со стены.
two different pictures of a person holding a light in their hand and an image of a skeleton on the other side
a bunch of different types of papers with pictures on the top one and bottom two
Undertale memes. Best Collection of funny Undertale pictures on iFunny
this is a drawing of two people in a room
多分原稿してました ペン入れをしない原稿…鉛筆絵をスキャンして入稿し.. | 夏み缶 さんのマンガ | ツイコミ(仮)
some lines that are black and white in color
a bunch of different lines that are in the air
Living Coffin: 19 by IvyLeafTea on DeviantArt
Living Coffin: 19 by IvyLeafTea.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
some black and white images with blue lines
'But You Didn't' - Part 3 by YunaSakura on DeviantArt