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Intermediate 3D Printing Class

You'll find inspiring beginner, intermediate, and advanced projects and classes in this collection.

How to Build a Galileo Hand. Author: +Ali Lemus

DIYer Designs and Prints Low-Cost Prosthetic “Galileo Hand”

Dextrus V1.1 Robotic Hand

This is the Dextrus robotic hand from the Open Hand Project. It's a fully printable robotic hand.

Humanoid Robot Arm

"Easy DIY Animatronics" gives you the complete step-by-step instructions for 11 different animatronic projects. Make your own Wall-E robot, learn how to.

DIY Electromyography

Electromyography (EMG) is the measurement of nerve impulses to your muscles. Probably the most popular consumer device using EMG is the Myo, which is an armband that.

Bionic Clicker MKI

This guide is for building the 'Bionic Clicker' as demonstrated in the Our Cyborg Bodies talk for Pint of Science Bionic Clicker was designed to.

Acoustic Tractor Beam

Want to print your own sonic tractor beam? Here's how It sounds like it's straight out of science fiction, but you could build one at home A three-centimetre-diameter expanded polystyrene sphere is levitated with a do-it-yourself portable tractor beam.

ATtiny85 Robot Insect

The intention is to build an as simple as possible yet beautiful robot insect, and then apply it to their own choice, as a swarm insect or equipped with an IR sensor.

Tertiarm - 3d Printed Robot Arm

This is first version of my low cost printed robot arm based on Ikea Tertial lamp. By Karagad.

3D Printed Animatronic Eye Mechanism on the Cheap

Printed Animatronic Eye Mechanism on the Cheap