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мода шите БЛУЗКИ ТОПЫ

Moldes Moda por Medida: CALÇA FÁCIL DE FAZER - 4

Calça saruel preta feminina com o passo a passo do corte e costura

Бохо выкройки с сайта "одноклассники"


Look closely. The "wings" on this dress are NOT added to the sides. They are added in the center seam.

Coffee break over, sketch posted and now I prepare for an afternoon of fittings!  Wishing everyone a fab weekend.  :) #sydney #marrickville

I might have to try it. I love dresses that have a slim silhouette, and yet have lots of room to move and be comfortable

Как сшить афгани? Выкройка штанов-алладинов..

ленивая швея

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