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Handcrafted Wooden desk lamp Decorative lamp Night by NixieDream

Our Handcrafted Wooden desk lamp looks more like a sculpture than a light fixture with its super thin and modern lamp design. Plus it’s sliding acrylic leg for adjusting the desk lamp height. The desk lamp has 18 LEDs to make it both energy efficient and


The latest from James Stumpf, this series of appliances (toaster, mixer, and blender) utilizes sustainable and unconventional materials to make each not only more eco-friendly but

would be cool to make something like this for each side of the bed. i would have the clock flip out and maybe put a phone dock on top

The Butler Wooden Docking Station Iphone 5 And Samsung Galaxy Gadget Wall Nounted Unit A Neat Front Slot Wallet Keys Glasses House Oak Material Natural Color Home Furniture Gadget Acessories Cool Wood iPhone And Android Docking Station Furniture