this is such a great picture

(Open rp, be the girl on top. I'm an angel and she's a demon) I looked at her, a cigarette clutched gently in her hand. "You see" she whispered "there's two types of people in this world. Those that do bad things, and those who have bad

Cubro tu cuerpo con la luz del amor y deseo, palpitante  tu piel que me estremece cuando te siento....

“A lapidary phrase is one that is worth carving into stone,” said Matthew, “and preserving forever — a wise saying such as we are dust and shadows, or alternately, any words that come out of my mouth.


Artwork by DASHA PLISKA from “ARCHETYPE” “Archetypical imagery are always accompany people, they are a source of mythology, religion, and art. In these cultural forms are gradually grinding confused.