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a drawing of a mermaid holding a fish
the words have been cut out to spell out what's in the sky behind them
a shower head with blue and green streamers on it's side in a bathroom
a flow diagram with several words in russian and english on the same page, including one for each letter
a drawing of a cat in pajamas with red and white cats all over it's body
Cat's Pajamas
a poster with a woman holding a book in her hand and barbed wire on the back
a woman with long hair laying down on top of a white sheeted bed next to her head
a drawing with words written on it and a heart in the middle that says, i love you
a small figurine of a lion on a white background with an inscription in russian
a toy duck sitting on top of a white surface
the seal is laying down on its side with words in russian and english above it
Self Love
a black bird sitting on top of a white sheet with words written in russian and english
a cat figurine sitting on top of a white table next to an inscription