BL2 Mr. Torque poster

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Borderlands 2 cosplay - Gaige

Borderlands 2 cosplay - Gaige

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Funny Borderlands 2 Ecard: Nothing goes better with friends than high explosives.

Free and Funny Borderlands 2 Ecard: Friends Explosives Video Games Borderlands 2 Funny Ecard

If anyone should drink the unicorn frappuccino, it’s Handsome Jack Please do NOT repost.

Borderlands favourites by ThisIsNotDolly on DeviantArt

Krieg meets Tiny Tina by ultimateZ on deviantART

Borderlands newest DLC character Krieg the Psycho has won a place in my heart. So I drew how his first conversation with Tiny Tina(my other most fav.

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Borderlands - Krieg by Britty-Mae on DeviantArt

Borderlands Lynchwood Main Street Hooligan by SpectreSinistre on Krieg Wallpapers Wallpapers)