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We visited Tokyp in 2016 and visited a cat cafe. Next time we go, we'll need to go to Bunny Island!
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the different types of animals that are in japan for animal lover's sakes
Travelers Universe: Discover the Best of Europe
Japan for animal lovers
two wooden bowls sitting on top of a wooden table next to a hot tub filled with water
30 Japan Experiences to Add to Your Bucket List
Ideas and inspiration for your trip to Japan. 25 remarkable places and experiences in Japan, from sushi to sumo, hot springs to hiking, and much more!
a group of cats are standing on the steps in front of a building and looking at the camera
Two Islands In Japan Are Ruled By Cats
a heart shaped island with the words discovering japan's bunny island in black and white
Bunny Island, Japan: 11 Things To Know BEFORE Visiting
Have you heard of Okunoshima? It's an island in Japan populated by bunnies! Here is how we discovered japan's Bunny Island.
multiple images of dogs running and jumping in the snow, with one dog chasing another
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Fox Village In Japan..... so we are not going to acknowledge the thing in the 4th picture?
a woman sitting on the floor taking a photo with her camera next to two rabbits
Hop along to the bunny café: If you've got some juicy gossip, the diners are all ears
All ears: A diner plays with bunnies at Tokyo'sBunny Cafe, which offers customers dining with a difference
some people are sitting at a table with bowls and spoons
feeling of summer
Nagashi somen, or flowing noodles, is an exciting summer time dining experience where bundles of noodles are sent down a bamboo trough filled with ice cold water. As the noodles flow by you catch them with your chopsticks and place them in your bowl of broth. #japan #noodles
the eiffel tower is lit up in red, white and blue
Stunning Tokyo Tower (10+ Pics) | #top10
Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower located in Shiba Park, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. At 333 metres (1,093 ft), it is the second-tallest artificial structure in Japan. The structure is an Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice tower that is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations. It was built in 1958.
a large red love sculpture sitting in the middle of a park
LOVE in Shinjuku, by Jun / 500px
Love Sculpture in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan - Robert Indiana's LOVE 東京 新宿 | by Jun Naoi on 500px
a tall tower covered in lots of green plants
Ghibli Museum // 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館 | plingthinks
Up the spiral staircase and to the rooftop garden~! // Ghibli Museum, Mitaka, Tokyo Japan
an info poster with different things to see and do in the philippines, including maps
#Japan #Travel Cheat Sheet; Sign up at for high-res images. 京都市 (Kyoto) in 京都府
a cat sitting in a wooden chair next to a stuffed animal
CNN Travel | Global Destinations, Tips & Video | CNN
Neko cafes in Tokyo!!! Pet a cat while you sip your coffee! Yes, please!!! =(^.^)=
a large godzilla statue in the middle of a grassy area with tall buildings behind it
Godzilla in Roppongi Midtown
Godzilla statue in Roppongi Midtown, Tokyo, Japan
a bridge over a body of water with a castle in the backgroung
Must See Places in Tokyo, Japan
Visit the gardens of Tokyo's Imperial Palace during our Discovering Japan tour.