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dietsodasocicty: ““ Mikey falls on stage (ironically) during Cemetery Drive (x) ” ”

The most lyrically appropriate moment in Cemetery Drive for him to fall

MCR MCRmy mychem my Chemical Romance

MCR MCRmy mychem my Chemical Romance

Okay the geography is kinda creepy.... I fan girl just not like that>>>>>> tag yourself I'm the geo teacher - Mad

Lets go! Add a reading period and a fanfiction class and I shall never leave!

@Abbey Johnson ya that's it. That's the only reason I'm awkward....yup....

I'm just too punk rock for this. *flips hair back*---I can't listen to your crappy pop music, I'm too Punk Rock!

Accurate but the way it's written makes it sound like the last song is FOB, when in reality it's P!ATD

Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco Not much has changed in the emo trinity. *cries for MCR*

My life lol

I would love it if that was ever my future kids first words. Andy is not "emo" just because he wears make up, and he sing a certain type of music. Ugghh this annoys me. Emo is a genre of music.