Милая квартира-сад в Москве

Here is an excellent example of a colored ambiance. One fantastic idea to colored your interior design project.

A rich grey space is a must. My great grandmother had a grey house that may become an influence.

I think it looks really modern when everything, floor to ceiling, is painted the same color and the same finish. It makes the light play on the molding lines in such a pretty way.

Серая спальня, блог "Твой Дизайнер" Grey bedrooms @ Tvoy Designer blog

A bachelorette's feminine bedroom in cool hues of blue and grey. The tufted, powder blue headboard is complimented with a blue striped bench at the foot of the bed.

Гостиная в цветах: Коричневый, Серый, Темно-коричневый, Черный. Гостиная в стиле: Эклектика.

Шпаргалки от Roomble: как понять, что выбранный вами цвет не подходит интерьеру

Отель Barcelo Torre de Madrid в Испании

Отель Barcelo Torre de Madrid в Испании

Квартира 100 квадратов с угловой планировкой и камином

Квартира с угловой планировкой для матери и сына в европейском духе


Kinnersley Kent Design has completed the multi-million-dollar refurbishment of one of London’s most iconic hotels with an illustrious entertainment history.

Notice how a couple of gold items help make a bland gray room pop to the eye.

This is soooo my dream study! Grey study by Phoebe Howard. Love the pops of gold provided by the chandelier and the library lights, and the ticking tape trim on the roman shades.

Квартира в Париже по проекту Жан-Луи Денио, 500 м²

Интерьер с обложки: парижская квартира по дизайну Жана-Луи Денио

Квартира в Париже по проекту Жан-Луи Денио, 500 м²

Практичный вариант оборудования совмещенного санузла

If there's one tried-and-tested recipe for style success, it's black-and-white with metallic accents. Case in point, this über-chic bathroom by Katie Martinez Design. The San Francisco native.

Decor tips - colorful radiators

Painting an old radiator ( & or pipes ) bright color makes it a piece of art. After painting the whole exposed ceiling in the basement one solid light color . Painting some of the pipes funky colors is going to be GREAT!