Beavis and Butt-Head IRL.

Beavis And Butthead In Real Life

These are two ultra-realistic Beavis and Butthead busts created by makeup effects artist Kevin Kirkpatrick. As you can see, they're even more terrifying than in cartoon form. Definitely NOT the kind of kids you running around in your neighborhood.

Try our GAME OF THRONES word jumble!

To help you kill time until the Season 2 premiere of Game of Thrones, we've made a Game of Thrones word jumble just for you!

Jon Hamm hangin’ with Tony Danza.

Doug Benson on

Jon Hamm Loves Just Jon Hamming It Up With Tony Danza! Even though it seems like Jon Hamm just can't win the in the awards department, he'll be winning in every single other area ther

Which show is better: Fringe or Lost? Our users voted for Fringe!

Which show reigned supreme as the favorite from super producer J.

SO pro.

Parks and Recreation: Read the Whole List of Things Leslie Knope Is Pro

This was too goofy to pass up.

Game of Thrones mashups put some of the best GoT characters into the far reaches of pop culture and beyond. Way past the Game of Thrones characters drawn (Page.

Look at all the yellow on the Emmy red carpet!

Photo of Pregnant Claire Danes Lights Up the Emmys Red Carpet in Yellow Lanvin

Community Is Going 8-Bit for a Video Game Episode

One of tomorrow's three episodes features the gang done up in pixels and bouncing around an old-school video game.

A prequel to Sex and the City is coming to the CW... and it's set in the 80s! Big hair, here we come.

Like the TV series, the film 2008 is as much about as it is sex and the city of Carrie and company look more extravagant costumes that you loved, but were also perhaps a bit intimidated by.