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so cute, wondering where that stuff is coming from.

Name: TigerSage Clan: MoonClan (This is a tom Btw) Mate: ShatteredFall Kits: None Rank: Warrior Past (before he came to MoonClan): Rogue

pιnтereѕт: laυrenвoge ❁

allurial: “Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think.

All Seasons Slippers Knitting  Pattern

All Seasons Slippers Knitting Pattern - I caution those who wear knitted slippers! Apply a non-slip bottom or tread carefully; I broke a wrist after I fell on the kitchen floor while wearing some *slip*pers that were knit with love.

Bird feeder outside window with the added perch above it. What a lovely thing to do outside a quiet room with a window where indoor pets would not scare the birds away.

Кедровые, сосновые, еловые шишки сами по себе уже настоящие арт-объекты, созданные природой. Это удивительный и бесплатный материал для творчества, который может выглядеть даже гламурно, если приложить немного творческой мысли. Вдохновляемся и отправляемся в лес, а потом с удовольствием мастерим своими золотыми ручками необычные украшения для дома. Можно сделать стильный венок: Декоративную…

wheat and pine cone bouquet {Park City Utah Rustic Wedding Inspiration} I personally think this needs some flowers baby's breath to round it out and make it less harsh. This would be pretty for a winter wedding.