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Юлия Галкина
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Adara Sánchez Anguiano.

El arte de desvestirse Very often when you are around me or when I think about you I immediately start wanting we to be naked in a empty room.

amazing life drawings

Someone asked about my aforementioned rig. It's nothing special : smooth newsprint, china marker and a big ol' wooden clipboard thingie.

Interesting use of lines and leaving blank spots creates materials/texture for the compositions in the drawing.

An entire drawing does not need to have hatching or shading. It may just be included in a specific area, in order to focus the attention of the viewer on what is most important.

Pen and Ink By: Pamela Irwin

Landscape scenes, weathered manmade objects and rustic textures all beautifully rendered in pen and ink. The artwork of Canadian artist Pamela Irwin.