Greentower, claustra en métal pour séparer vos pièces ou jardins...

beautiful modern screen divider but also a plant wall, would we perfect between cleaning bay areas.

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Very attracted to the idea of using ceiling decals/ wooden panels on the walls of my living room. Would like to integrate some wall and or ceiling accents randomly throughout the house.

Coalesse CH07 Shell Chairs are a unique craft piece to include in a reception or casual lounge space.

Office Tour: Holland & Knight Offices – Bogotá

Coalesse Shell Chairs are a unique craft piece to include in a reception or casual lounge space.

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Beautiful lighting for evening get togethers on the terrace patio veranda! Use battery-powered candles for a safe alternative! LOVE the modern contemporary privacy wood wall!

Молдинги на стенах — универсальный инструмент декора. С их помощью можно визуально увеличить и зонировать пространство, а также уберечь стены от механических повреждений и скрыть мелкие недостатки.

Wall Treatment - The ocean print and subdued colors – combined with a strong textural accent wall – would surely help foster a relaxed and casual home office environment.

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Create a lazy susan to use the space which you have. You could also maximize floor space by buying taller furniture, instead of wide, low-to-the-ground alternatives.

A integração de ambientes é uma das chaves para aproveitar ao máximo o espaço de apartamentos pequenos. Mas, em alguns casos, isso pode tirar a privacidade

10 ideias para dividir os ambientes - Constance Zahn

Hospitality Project | 2015

Love this idea, and it's a bit more in keeping than some of these others with the feel of the building, I think.