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Check out these stunning Christmas table decorations before that grand Christmas dinner with friends and family. These decor ideas are cute and easy to make

COMO DOBLAR UNA SERVILLETA CON FORMA DE LAZO (Napkin Bow) #DoblarServilletas #DecoMesas

35 Beautiful Examples of Napkin Folding

Tablescape ~ Napkin Bow Fold - These pretty bow folded napkins would go pretty in DIY gifts from the kitchen that you give to others.

#Инфографика: Правила сервировки стола и обеденного этикета

#Инфографика: Правила сервировки стола и обеденного этикета


Look at these amazing Easter bunny decorations for this Easter. Bunnies are one of the important symbols for Easter holiday. There are very creative Easter

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Lavender napkin setting~The Best thing you can do for Entertaining is Learn how to fold and create Beautiful Napkin Centerpieces~Kimberly Stanley