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Flemish Giant Rabbit - Not really feasible for meat production, but I really want one for a pet. I will hug him and hold him and call him George. ;)

The Flemish Giant It’s a rabbit. More importantly: It’s a dog-sized rabbit. The Flemish giant is a domesticated rabbit breed centric to the Flemish region. Originally bred as century pets, the Flemish giant can reach weights of 28 pounds.

designed by John Bake

Keeping poultry does not have to be stressful once you have mastered the art of backyard chicken coop designs. Chicken coops come in handy in poultry farming

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"Rabbit Food Pyramid" - I don't agree with the vegetable part. While rabbits should have unlimited grass hay, they should have a main diet of quality pellets; vegetables and fruits are supplements (albeit important ones). Treats don't really belong on this pyramid; fruits and veggies are treats enough for rabbits. Store-bought treats, especially, are not healthy for rabbits.

Giving your rabbit the right food is tricky at first because you don't know what your rabbit likes The right food: Unlimited amount of hay and grass. Lots of vegetables 🥕 Rabbit food or pellets🐇 Fruit 🍏 Treats🍌