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two hands reaching up to each other with the words written in russian above them and below it
Возраст по Таро
an image of a card game with numbers and symbols in the middle, surrounded by other cards
расклад на отношения
a poster with numbers and symbols for the game, which is designed to look like a phone
the russian numbers are displayed in this screenshote screen shot, and it appears to be different colors
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a poster with some words on it and an image of two bears in the background
Три простых действия — как определить знак Зодиака Вашего знакомого? | Астра
an advertisement for the russian tarot card game
Расклад : Направление в Карьере .
an astrological sign with the names and symbols in different languages, including one for each zodiac
Планеты в раке
the astrological symbols and their meanings
Планеты в овне
an image of the symbols in greek and english
Планеты в стрельце
an astrological circle with the symbols for each zodiac sign and their corresponding meaningss
Планеты в тельце
the symbols for different types of zodiacs and their meanings, including an astrological sign
Планеты в весах
an astrological sign with the zodiac symbols in it's center and other signs below
Планеты в козероге
the zodiac sign with all its meanings
Планеты во льве