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the hallway is decorated with black and white checkered flooring, green walls, and red accents
At Luigi Serafini’s house, a fantasy world
At Luigi Serafini’s house: author of the Codex Seraphinianus
the stairs are painted bright green and have floral wallpaper on them, along with colorful rugs
Foyer Reveal: Eclectic Wallpaper and Colorful Details
I wanted to make a bold statement in our small foyer so I added big bold wallpaper, painted the railing and added a colorful foyer table.
an open door leading to a bedroom with pink walls
🩷💛 Clean lines taking the edge off a potentially fussy colour palette #homedecor #diseñodeinteriores #arquitetura #interiordesign… | Instagram
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Art Deco Hallway Ambiance: Layered Lighting and Color Schemes
Art Deco Hallway Transformations: Bold colors and geometric elegance redefine your space. Picture a transformation that speaks volumes. Start your journey on our blog.
a living room with pink couches and paintings on the wall
This Cool LA Condo Achieves a High-End Look on a Secondhand Budget
Hollywood Regency Style Koreatown Condo Photos | Apartment Therapy
an abstract painting is on the wall next to some stairs and a table with two bowls
Walls by Patel 3 - Meeting Place - Pink
Colourful ethno block style design.