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an advertisement for the grocery store is shown in russian
an advertisement on the back of a paper with various logos and words written in different languages
Папка для документов Electric Shaver, Personal Care
Папка для документов
Объявления на клейкой основе Nasa, Toothpaste
Объявления на клейкой основе
three red and white checks sitting next to each other on top of a countertop
the poster is hanging on the wall in front of the door that says, russian language
an advertisement for the russian television show'ukraine,'is displayed on a wall
a close up of a red book on a white table with some papers in it
«Удостоверение» - переплет№7 (бумвинил с тиснением), внутренний блок – офсет 100 гр/м.кв., 1+1
a passport sitting on top of a white table next to a red folder with gold lettering
four different colored folders sitting next to each other
Грамоты и благодарственные письма
a book with the words jetha khrika on it sitting on a table
Летная книжка