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a christmas tree cut out on top of a piece of paper with scissors next to it
Trim a Tree Christmas Countdown
Trim A Tree Christmas Countdown free printable for kids. Kids get so excited at Christmas time and this printable will help them count down to the big day! Decorating a little of this Christmas tree each day is a beautiful way to count down to Christmas! #lalymom #crafts #art #kids #children #preschool #homeschool
a hand holding a bottle with bells in it and the words, 3 single bells activities to try
Try These Super Cool Jingle Bells Activities Today
3 Christmas Activities Using Jingles Bells - my kids love jingle bells!
15 colorful toddler sensory ideas
15 Colorful Sensory Activities for Toddlers
Colors makes everything better! I know when we are getting ready to do an activity or a craft that adding lots of colors will surely get my kids' attention! Today I wanted to share some Colorful Sensory Activities for Toddlers to add some color to your sensory play!
a hand holding a pen with a red light hanging from it's end and the words launching cup rocket above it
DIY Rocket Ship Toy
In a world of store-bought toys, I can't help but get caught up in the fun of creating my own DIY Toys every now and then. These DIY Rocket Ship Toys are my latest creation! I love this craft because it was super simple to put together and it requires some hand eye coordination to make it work right. Your young and older children will be enterained for hours! Visit Lalymom for this and even more DIY toys for babies, toddlers and children of all ages.
collage of cardboard boxes and toys for children to play with
Cardboard Crafts for Kids – 20+ Ways to Have Fun With a Cardboard Box
Christmas is coming! That means lots of cardboard boxes will be around the house. At Lalymom we are having fun with those shipping boxes. We have more than 20 awesome projects you can DIY with those extra cardboard boxes. Some are perfect for toddlers but others are better for a preschooler or kindergartener. Check them out today!
there is a sign made out of legos that say it's renovable non - permanent lego wall
Easy DIY LEGO Walls – No Caulk or Glue Needed
At Lalymom I like to try to find ways to make playthings for the kids that are non-permanent. This inspired me to share a tutorial on how to make non-permanent, removable LEGO Walls. I love non-permanent ideas for the kids! I'd rather have something that I can put away when company comes over, so we make DIY when every possible. Let's build together!
We are back for Fine Motor Fridays! This week we did some fun writing activities for kids on our super easy outdoor writing center! Gather an easel, writing tool and fun accessories and join us at Lalymom to see our outdoor writing space before the cold weather approaches. Outdoor, Summer, Outdoor Learning, Outdoor Classroom, Kindergarten Readiness, Education Kindergarten, Fun Learning, Teaching Preschool
Writing Activities for Kids: Outdoor Writing Center
We are back for Fine Motor Fridays! This week we did some fun writing activities for kids on our super easy outdoor writing center! Gather an easel, writing tool and fun accessories and join us at Lalymom to see our outdoor writing space before the cold weather approaches.
25 apple themed fine motor activities for kids
25 Apple Themed Fine Motor Skills Activities
These 25 apples-themed fine motor skills activities from LalyMom are perfect for Fall & Autumn lesson plans, Montessori work, and more! Some are geared towards toddlers while others are better for preschoolers and school-aged kids. These apple activities are such fun activities that are sure to keep the kids engaged.
there are many different toys that can be used for fine motor skills and to learn how to make them
50 COOL DIY Toys for Fine Motor Skills Development
Today at Lalymom, I am sharing 50 Must-Make, Super Cool DIY Fine Motor Skills Toys. These include homemade toys for toddlers, preschoolers and school aged kids. Make them as a gift or make them together to give your child the gift of MAKING their own toys! How cool is THAT!?
the words 5 cranberry fine motor games are in front of a white background
Cranberry Fine Motor Games
This week we are in the Thanksgiving mood at Lalymom so we have been playing some Fine Motor Games using Cranberries! After playing with them for a little bit I really feel like cranberries are an excellent addition to our fine motor skills materials! The bouncing, floating and rolling all make for very wiggly, giggly activities!
Title: 20 Fun Christmas Activities for Toddlers
Christmas Activities for Toddlers: We Teach Toddlers
The holiday season is ramping up and everyone is in planning mode. LalyMom has put together a fun list of toddler Christmas activities! Scroll through and pick a few favorites. You can plan them for the month, or for a fun holiday party. Adapt some of the activities for preschoolers and kindergarteners.
the balloon is shaped like a ghost and has scissors attached to it, as well as other decorations
Halloween Cutting Practice Activities for Preschoolers
Kids love Halloween so why not give them some fun ways to work on their fine motor skills that have a spooky twist?! Here are four totally simple ways to practice cutting during the Halloween season from LalyMom. Kids will have a blast getting to use scissors. Preschoolers, kindergarteners, and school-aged kids will have fun while practising their scissor skills.