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Que matado de la risa esta esto!

The crazy-talented DeviantArt artist Simona Bonafini created these illustrations imagining what our favorite Disney princesses, princes, and villains would look like on the photo app, even incorporating uberaccurate comments and usernames.


Wow, the emotions described in this piece by the blues/grays and the forlorn expression in her face is so sad. Makes me kind of take a step back and wonder what happened to her

Cool. Black #Pearl #StevenUniverse

We~ A the NegaGems! I’ve had several requests to do dark versions of Crystal Gems. Black Garnet, Black Amethyst and Black Pearl… And Lucius And Steven

kroov:  Oh look i made up a White Diamond Pearl

Steven Universe Appreciation<< I think the pearl we know actually used to be white diamond's pearl, you know, considering her pearl is white and so is her skin.<<Yeah but because Pearl is on Earth they probably made a new one for White Diamond