8-битное искусство

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an image of pixelated video game characters in different styles and sizes, all with different expressions
an image of pixel art with different types of animals and people on it's faces
the pixel animals are all different colors and sizes
Animal Sprites (Nov 2014) by emimonserrate on DeviantArt
an old school computer game character
MoDsama on Twitter
a cross stitch pattern with a cat's head in grey and white, on a gray background
Lobo punto de cruz
the electronic clock is red and white with blue letters on it's display screen
Игра Ну Погоди Электроника (Волк ловит яйца) игра детства
Игра Ну Погоди Электроника (Волк ловит яйца) – легендарная игра 80-х и 90-х!
an 8 - bit video game character is depicted on a green background