James Blunt - "You're Beautiful" (tradução) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpkinONXqL4&list=PLY3PmjNQGEZ5GQVfW4xKgqDOBIRBffC5x

Fine Art Disney Princess Paintings By Artist Heather Theurer Bring Mulan, Merida & More To Glorious, Classical-Inspired Life

by Tsuyoshi Nagano

Fear is just another part of that thing called the devil, and a source of many misgivings and regrets. One has only to recognize it to be free of it. Simply wave and smile "I see you there, have a nice day somewhere else.

This angel is not specific to any religion but a symbolic fantasy being. Life can be hard and sometimes filled with sorrow. Here she offers a prayer in rememberance of those who have died before their time.

30 Mind-Blowing Examples of Angel Art

Fantasy art posters - Anne Stokes posters: Fantasy art poster by Anne Stokes. This Anne Stokes posterfeatures a beautiul dark haired angel praying and is called Prayer For The Fallen. Anne Stokes is an artist famous for her gothic and fantasy art work.

"Moonrise" (2008), By Tsuyoshi Nagano, Oil on Canvas; Tokyo, Japan. Member of the Society of Illustrators and the Japan Publication Artist League #angels Artist Website: http://artas1.com/tsuyoshi_nagano/ Artist Gallery: http://en.tis-home.com/tsuyoshi-nagano/works/9

"Moonrise" By Tsuyoshi Nagano, Oil on Canvas; Member of the Society of Illustrators and the Japan Publication Artist League

Tsuyoshi Nagano : Uriel _ Tokyo Illustrators Society

Artist: Tsuyoshi Nagano - Title: Uriel - Card: Phanuel, Archangel of Dogma (Envoy). //So, so pretty EL//

༺/༻ Titania’s Awakening, by Charles Sims, 1896

Charles Sims - Titania’s awakening, Charles Henry Sims – 1928 ) was a British painter of portraits, landscapes, and decorative paintings.