chapéu para Tilda

Actions speak louder than words. i'm obsessed with sunglassés probably…

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hooded scarf makin you look like the Grim Reaper Mehr

chapeau pour homme en feutre avec leurs mains - Greenhouse Cafe


Men's hat from felt the hands — Cafe the Greenhouse

Шляпа (японская феска)

The hat (fez Japanese)

How to sewing a hat- so easy – Hats for lady I wish hats would come back in style!

How to sewing a hat- so easy (picture only)

How is the hat erected?..<3 Deniz <3

How is the hat erected?

Женственная шляпка

I like the darts around the edge of the crown.

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Стильный козырёк от солнца

тонкости шитья

Stylish peak from the sun

Выкройка банданы

Simple bandanas at the outset

Воротник хомут или капюшон с драпировкой? Два в одном! Выкройка.


The collar is a collar or hood with drapery?

Картинки по запросу Комплект на выписку "Ленточки"

Картинки по запросу Комплект на выписку "Ленточки"

Шляпа-панамка - Выкройки детской одежды - Страна Мам

для себя и на заказ

Translation from the original Russian: "Hat-panama - Patterns of children's clothing - Country Mom. Well, it's a pretty hat design for us grownups, too.



Womans hat and scarf set. French beret and scarf set in chevron wool fabric design.