Chaleco cruzado

Умелые ручки

i think you could make this with tunisian. when it gets the the split, you could keep working half the stitches until both halves are long enough and then start stitching across the entire piece again at the other end.

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Knit sweater thinking about keeping all that luscious brown bulky weight and making this sweater for myself.


Taupe black twelve roses oversized pullover for fall pinning for the hair and sweater!

La combinación de colores y textura, hilo beige con mezcla de mohair crema es realmente irresistible. Y la suavidad de este encogiéndose de hombros es

BRAIDED SHRUG modern urban in caffee latte, hand knitted shrug bolero sweater, winter fall fashion, gift under 100 dollars

marfil poncho poncho de verano blanco de las mujeres por ileaiye

womens ivory poncho Ivory white ponchosummer poncho by ileaiye

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CREATIVE LIVING from a Scandinavian Perspective: Summing up 2011 Greatest Trends: Knitting is the new black. I need a pattern for this hat !

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