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25 manners for kids. I am surprised by the lack of manners these days! When I was growing up, it was an atrocity if you did not use your manners. I am thankful my children were taught these very manners, because my parents instilled them in me as well.

resume for skills | Teacher Transferable Skills Resume

7 job interview questions to ask employers. What are the most important things you'd like me to accomplish in the first 3 months if I'm hired for this position? How do you see my skills and experience fitting with the needs of your company?

Questions to ask when getting to know someone. Great conversation starters.

How to fall in love in 45 minutes with even a complete stranger.<<< finally, a formula to secretly manipulate someone to fall in love with me

Deep conversation starters

I wish I had someone to explore the answers to all these questions with. Perhaps one day I'll find that significant other who would spend hours with me pondering the answers to life.