16 Tatuagens de frases para se inspirar – Grazi Costa

16 Tatuagens de frases para se inspirar

Quotes tattoos for women are often used as sources of inspiration or as a reminder of an important event in their life. Read on and see creative examples.

Vegvisir & Runes

A Vegvísir (Icelandic or Scandinavian 'sign post' or 'wayfinder') is a magical stave intended to help a person find their way through bad weather. Tattoo by Dario Castillo, an artist based in Madrid, Spain.

Foot Tattoos

Images that will blow your mind, pictures that will be your next tattoo inspiration.

Fool Me Twice

Fool Me Twice

Finger Candles

Finger Candles

Salvador Dali Portrait

A portrait of the artist Dali with some of his artworks, done on guy's upper arm.