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another sleepy koala (I wonder whether cats or koalas sleep more .) - another wonderful gift pin from dear Ashaley Lenora

Adorable"Archer" the Koala Joey at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney. Photo by Lars Kirchner. Australia.com

“Phew, it really is hard work being this adorable”. We couldn’t help but have an “ahhhh” moment when we saw this photo of Archer the Koala joey from Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney. He is pictured here taking a break from chasing his koala friend “Ari

In the summer, the koalas in our garden love being sprayed with the garden hose cos it gets quite hot for them. #koalas #australia #adelaide

Koalas are endangered by tree plantations in Australia. There are only koala's in the wild.

baby koala <3

Today: OMG! Baby koalas

Koala Bears are mammals and reproduce by giving birth. When a baby koala bear is born, they’re very small!

https://www.google.com/search?q=koala standing up

Save Koalas from Coal Seam Gas Petition~ Please sign and share Thanks

Sniff sniff I love you....❤️

Australia Zoo - About Us - Zoo News - Australia Zoo’s first koala joey makes his debut!

How can you not like a Koala?

Sooky the koala was born in January of this year at the San Diego Zoo and is now making regular appearances with mom.