SKETCHY ✖ FLAVOR   I hope it is something close when they finally reunite. Hopeful this weeks issue!!

SKETCHY ✖ FLAVOR God they're one of my favorite ships on Fairy Tail and I so wish me and boyfriend were like them😍😍😍

I love it when I can do things Levi does, like have an undercut and do the man bun/ pony tail

Bi*ch, listen to corporal Levi. And yes you are Levi. Funny, Attack on Titan

Alquimistas Federais Chibis

Alquimistas Federais Chibis

I don't want to lose her by AyuMichi-me

It's hard to think that you could face your inner daemons like Natsu and still be scared of losing the one you love.

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