Butterfly Quilting stitch. Use Slip stitch method to create butterfly effect on the front.

This knitting pattern is for the beginner knitter. Easy to use Slip stitch method to create butterfly effect on the front.

Multi-colour Thorn Stitch

Two-Color Thorn Stitch -- A really easy knitting stitch that looks more complicated than it is.

Two-color Brioche Stitch | Knitting Stitch Patterns  med video

Two-color Brioche stitch resembles regular knit one, purl one ribbing, but the purl stitches are in a different colour. Great for hats, scarves and sweaters.

Rainbow Stripe Pattern in Feather and Fan Knit Stitch. This lace pattern is surprisingly easy. Even beginner can knit it!

Triple Torch - http://www.knittingfool.com/StitchIndex/StitchDetail.aspx?StitchID=427

Triple Torch - http://www.knittingfool.com/StitchIndex/StitchDetail.aspx?StitchID=427

Slip Stitch Knitting Patterns - Two color Scallops. Includes text and video tutorial

How to knit: Flower in a Row

Detailed written instructions and video tutorial to help you learn how to knit the Flower in a Row

Ravelry: dona-knits' Cerus Scarf

DKnits: Cerus Scarf by Hillary callis smith This is actually linen stitch using two rows of camel color for one row of natural color. Makes a beautiful pattern.