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there are many different pieces of fabric hanging on the wall together, including beads and chains
Joys Green Hanging
My elderly learners completed their beautiful hanging at the end of last term and it is now proudly displayed in their community centre. I'm very proud of their achievements, and so are they, quite rightly so.
a very large piece of paper with lots of things on the bottom and sides of it
Diane Savona This piece was constructed almost entirely from my mother’s old underwear, wig, religious items.
many different vases and bowls with designs on them are shown in this collage
Trend Alert: Vessels with personality | Justina Blakeney
thrilled our artist-made Face Planter (#11) was included in Justina Blakeney's Vessels With Personality post :D
the shadow of an electrical pole and house on a white wall with a telephone pole
ianbrooks: Miniature Dilapidations by Maarten Demmink Made from wood, tin, and other salvaged materials… only lee-tle kinds… Maarten constructs these miniature sheds and power lines, aged well past their date of expiration and definitely home to some miniature hobos. Artist: Behance / Website
an art piece is hanging on the wall next to a stair case and building with a sign that reads auto repair
Michael C. McMillen
an abstract photo of the ocean with waves
Soekmin Ko, The Square (Detail), 300dpi Digital Pigment Print, 112cm x 74cm, 2010
a house made out of wooden sticks in the grass
an outdoor installation by Charlie Brouwer
two naked men embracing each other in front of a white wall and grey flooring
The Blind for The Blind: Choi Xooang Talks to Yatzer | Yatzer
Choi Xooang, Isometric Female, 2013Oil on Resin - 38w x 38w x 89h cm, Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Albert Benamou, Paris
four different types of sushi are arranged in the same row
Food artwork by Florent Tanet // FOXINTHEPINE.COM #Expo2015 #Milan #WorldFair
a bird sculpture made out of wood on a brown background with the wings spread open
jasontennant - JASON TENNANT Wildlife Art , Nature Art, Wood Sculpture - Etsy
Jason Tennant | 'Nike Of The Forest'. Nature inspired wood sculputres.
an art gallery with multiple paintings on the walls and floors, all painted in different colors
Sublimes installations par Pip & Pop - Journal du Design
Pip et Pop Aka Tanya Schultz
a person laying on the ground with some balls in front of them and one lying on the floor
Erwin Wurm, one minute sculpture
a banana hanging on the side of a pink wall
Erwin Wurm - a photo on Flickriver
Erwin Wurm - douce jeanne
an old dress hanging on a wall with buttons and laces around the neckline
Fairy Bridal Gown
a man is bending over with his foot on a large pink object in front of him
Manuem Alves Pereira, La chute, 2004. Art & Contemporary Jewelry
an open pair of black shoes with teeth on the bottom and inside, against a white background
Surrealism For Sale | Buy Surrealism Artworks (Page 23 of 65)
Jill M. Armstrong "Duet," 2004.
a white and black table sitting on top of a floor next to a gray wall
Studio Oliver Gustav - Art, Funiture and Design Studio
two white polar bears facing each other with their mouths open in front of one another
Stones by Ronit Baranga
there is a ladder that has several knives on it and the bottom one is black and white
Marina Abramovic. Foto da exposição “Transitory Object for Human”.
a boat that is sitting in the middle of a room with red strings hanging from it
Installation Artist Chiharu Shiota Casts a Tangled Web of Thread and Keys at This Year's Venice Art Biennale
Installation Artist Chiharu Shiota Casts a Tangled Web of Thread and Keys at This Year’s Venice Art Biennale
a small potted plant sitting on top of a white plate next to a fake animal
pedestal dog plant stand - Eleonor Boström
several light bulbs with plants growing out of them
10 Ways To Decorate Your Home On A Budget
I don't love the article, but I love the plants in light bulbs! Hanging from a shelf or the ceiling in a corner would be even better!
an empty hallway with long shadows on the wall
Creo Hall. Akira Sakomoto Casa Architect. Interior photo by Yoshiharu Matsumura
the inside of a church with rows of pews and a cross on the wall
AD Classics: Church of the Light / Tadao Ando Architect & Associates
In the small town of Ibaraki, 25km outside of Osaka, Japan, stands one of Tadao Ando’s signature architectural works, the Church of the Light.
a group of lights hanging from the ceiling in front of a wall with peeling paint
Geometry lamps by Micro Macro (COCO LAPINE DESIGN)
Geometry lamps by Micro Macro
an open pair of black shoes with teeth on the bottom and inside, against a white background
Surrealism For Sale | Buy Surrealism Artworks (Page 23 of 65)
Surrealistic mixed media sculpture by Jill M. Armstrong, titled "Duet," created in 2004.