Conferences & Training

Provide tools to make these events as beneficial as possible
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Quickly and easily brand your event with custom chair covers. Lightweight, easy to transport and the full color imprint lets you go wild.
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Make attendees feel special with an aluminum, bronze or copper event ticket.  Makes a great invitation that can't be ignored.
Your logo in leather with matching padfolios / journals available.
Post-it's are still a tried & true promotion. And if you get bored, you can make art with them!
Like sand through the hourglass... *But these are cool. Your messaging - revealed in sand.
A pen / stylus combo works for notes on a tablet or paper
This journal is great for co-branding an event
Combo mints & lip balm make a nice little welcome gift
Provide all of the tools an attendee needs in one package

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Crown Your Champion. All the proof you need. Genuine leather belt is 52″ long with 8 rows of heavy duty snaps.
The Perfect Storm. Hand crafted glass on marble base.
Glow-In-The-Dark Frame Glasses With Clear Lenses-------------------  $1.59/ea  |  Hit  6220
Scarlet Facet Collage.   A black glass central element surrounded by layers of clear and colored glass.
Small Reflective Sports Pack--Min Qty: 100, $50 set-up, $3.41-$1.95 each
Awards that are meaningful. Awards can be more than Lucite tombstones with engraved text. These high gloss chrome, crystal, and marble awards illustrate, in a meaningful way, the efforts people put forward to achieve success.
Star Comet. A self illuminating frosted exterior houses an artist's representation of a comet entering the earth's atmosphere.
Custom logo coins. Coins are true collectibles.  Turn an ordinary 50 cent pieces in to meaningful, collectible, keepsakes. Create continuity programs or use the coins to recognize achievements and milestones. Of course they are Made in America.
Hand crafted, hand molded cast paper. Framed. Highlight parts of the image with color.
These amazingly detailed replicas start out as 4″ square steel sheets and finish as amazing 3D models. Use the easy-to-follow instructions to pop out the pieces, bend the tabs and connect.