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a close up of a person kissing a pink object with gold accents on its face
Иллюстрация Поцелуй меня в стиле 3d | Illustrators.ru
a plant with green leaves casts a shadow on the wall next to a round object
Premium Photo | Minimal Wood Stage For Show Product On Cement Floor And Sunlight Plant Shadow On Mint Background 3d Render
a computer screen with an animation character in the center and some text on the left side
Blender Mega Thread - Page 87
two different views of the same object, one with an inflatable balloon and another without
Balloon shader
Simple wax material
an image of a computer screen with different lines and shapes on it's sides
Truchet tiles
a white paper sculpture of an angel's wing with wings spread out to the side
Alas / wings
a large white bird flying through the air
Darya Girina Zbrush Endless Way
an image of a colorful bird with wings cut out and ready to be used in 3ds max
Free Stuff
an image of a computer screen with red lines on it
Hovl’s Sketchbook
a computer screen with an image of a video game controller in the middle of it
Шейдер голограммы в Cycles