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a white horse wearing a bridle with the words how to winterize your barn
Winter Is Coming!! How to prepare your barn for the cold!
With fall and winter right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about blanketing, shoveling and snow! In this article I share my best tips for prepping your barn for the winter like a pro!
barn aisle organization tips the flaxen filly for horse stalls with doors open
6 Easy Tips For Keeping Your Barn Organized
Follow this guide to keep your barn aisle clutter free and your horses and customers happy. There's nothing worse than tripping over grooming boxes, water buckets etc. In this article, I'll share my tips for keeping a tidy and organized barn.
a horse wearing a cover over it's head with the words why horses wear fly masks
Why Your Horse Needs A Fly Mask & How To Choose The Right One - The Flaxen Filly
Discover the many benefits of a fly mask for your horse! Between flies and insects and UV rays there are many irritants you can protect your horse from! Check out which option is best for you!
Experience the transformation in your horse's health and performance with Equine Chiropractic. Unlock the secrets to equine wellness, learn about the importance of equine chiropractic care, and how it contributes towards a healthier, happier horse. Ideas, Horse Health, Horse Training, Horseback Riding Tips
"Unlock Horse Wellness with an Equine Chiropractor: Why Your Horse Needs It - The Flaxen Filly"
Experience the transformation in your horse's health and performance with Equine Chiropractic. Unlock the secrets to equine wellness, learn about the importance of equine chiropractic care, and how it contributes towards a healthier, happier horse.
two horses standing next to each other with the words fun with your horse after show season
"Fun Equestrian Fall Activities: 16 Things to Do with Your Horse after Show Season"
Unwind after a vibrant show season with our handpicked list of 16 fun equestrian activities! Perfect for this fall, these engaging ideas will help you and your horse strengthen your bond while enjoying the beauty of the season. Tips include trail rides, hunter-paces, Halloween and more. Get ready to make your post-show season extraordinary!
a person leading a horse in an arena with text overlay that reads tips to conquer horse show nerves
The Art of Staying Calm In The Show Ring!
Galloping into a horse show soon? Don't let stress saddle you down! Conquer your horse show nerves with our interactive guide '6 Ways To Beat Horse Show Anxiety!' From breathing techniques to mental exercises, we've got you covered! Uncover secrets to transforming those butterflies into competition triumphs and pave your way towards equestrian success!
two horses standing next to each other near a fence with the words is it safe to put horses out at night?
How To Turnout Your Horse At Night Safely!
The pros and cons of turning horses out at night and how to keep them safe from danger like predators, wildlife and thieves.
a brown horse walking across a lush green field next to a wooden fence with the words can horses be turned out at night?
Turning Horses Out At Night: Is it safe?
Debating whether your horse would enjoy being out 24/7 or if it's ok to turn your horse out in the dark? Check out this article for all the pros and cons as well as some safe turnout tips.
the real reason you need a pre - purchase exam is to learn how to handle horses
How Important Is A PPE Anyway? Horse Buying Tips
In this article I share the real reasons you MUST do a pre-purchase exam or PPE when purchasing a horse. No matter how experienced you are as a horse owner or equestrian a PPE by a reputable veterinarian can save you from heartache and hardship in the future.
a brown and white horse with the words conquer your show ring neves on it
Boost Your Confidence At Horse Shows: 6 Tips
6 Tips for beginner equestrians to feel more confident at horse shows this summer! How to stay focused when your nerves get the best of you.
a brown and white horse standing on top of a dirt field
Horse Shopping: Why You Need A Pre-Purchase Exam
The complete horse buying guide to understanding pre-purchase exams. How a PPE can help you buy the right horse and protect you from a disaster.
Horse showing tips for beginners, how to stay focused. Battle, The Battle, Goals, Win, Grooming, True, Conquer
How To Conquer Horse Show Nerves
6 Tried and true tips to help you win the battle over your show ring nerves and have a successful ride!
How to know if your horse needs a fly mask. Horseback
Complete Guide To Horse Fly Masks
How your horse can benefit from wearing a fly mask this summer. Fly masks offer protection from bugs and insects along with UV rays. Get the full details in the article and find out when you should or should not use a fly mask.
How to clean your horse's water bucket the right way. Water, Cleaning, Clean Water, Water Bucket
How To Clean Your Horse's Water Bucket
A complete beginner equestrian's guide to cleaning water buckets and making sure your horse gets enough fresh, clean water.
How to groom a horse the right way.
The Daily Grooming Routine Every Horse Needs
Step by step guide to grooming your horse thoroughly and how to get a shiny, healthy coat.