Лебединая песня реконструктора: Русская народная теплая одежда. Книги по народному русскому костюму.

translation of description: Swan Song reenactor: Russian folk warm clothing. Books on Russian folk costume.

Traditional costume of Russian aristocrats.

The gown and kokoshnik of Russian princesses (tcarevna) before the century. Starting this suit was annulled as civil dress and was used only at masquerades or any other performances.

Russian costume. Kokoshnik | The House of Beccaria~

This is obviously not a truly traditional costume (she isn't wearing a proper blouse, for example) but the overskirt and kokoshnik are very beautiful.

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russian kerchief-all colour to joys

Vintage Russian Pavlovsky Posad shawl "White Roses", designed by Lidia Shakhovskaya.


Date: century Culture: Russian Medium: silk, metal, cotton: This is another example of traditional Russian dress. The saran with the kokoshnik headdress.

A smiling girl is wearing the Russian national costume and a kokoshnik. #cute #kids #Russian #folk

A smiling girl is wearing Russian national costume and kokoshnik.