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Love this. Very sophisticated look and style. Editorial-fashion photography.

GREY PANTS Cross-Dressing Pictorials - Models Alisa Matviychuk, Daniela, Chantel Nik Deberry, Nika Lauraitis and Nikole Ivanova are ‘New Faces’ in French Revue de Modes .

Comic girls say.. "Au revoir. Romeo" #Comic #popart

"Where's the renaissance, Khairat." Khairat El-Shater is the most powerful man in the Muslim Brotherhood, who promised a renaissance project for Egypt.

love the playing with light and shadow in photos. it adds an intimacy to the photo and a classic, old timey feel (or maybe thats because of the black and white)

Obsessed with light through windows and shadows. Nice photo all around, great blacks and whites, and the greys. Black and white nude portrait photography girl woman back

There hasn't been a film made that hasn't been imeasurably improved by the casting of Bill Nighy.

Bill Nighy took a copy of the Illuminatus to the pub and was offered a role in the stage play by Ken Campbell. He dropped acid on stage.