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Anime Girls

~Oka Ruto : Genderbent ver by KumiBoo on DeviantArt

I love yandere simulator and Oka is one of my favorite I can't draw girls so I draw boii instead LMAO ~Oka Ruto : Genderbent ver

Image result for phoenix and miles

Ahh~ Miles and Phoenix (and Larry) participating in a butler café! >w< Lucky Maya and Pearls, I wish I were you, eating that Steel Samurai cake!

Close Call by e-c-h

An illustration of my favorite moment from one of the Phoenix Wright games ^__^ So many feels .

courtroom prince by on @DeviantArt

the silver-tongued prince of the courtroom, Miles Edgeworth of ace attorney! I swear I can never get tired of drawing formal portraits of him, he's such.