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a person on a computer with the caption nick and matt's brotherhood in one pic
Like be so fr 😭😂
#nickandmatt #mattsturniolo #nicksturniolo
an older woman pushing a walker next to a younger woman with the words, sure grandma, back in my day, it's used to be part of the era tour
an advertisement for pinterest being pinterest is shown in black and white
this happens to me sm istg 😭
mine- repost with credits <3 | #whisper
a boy with his hand on his chest and the words me when i see a pin that completely and accurably describes my current situation
Ok this is so relatable I will give credits in the comments
creds to @hug4matt_ Pins, Mining
So tru tho 😂
creds to @hug4matt_
the man and woman are walking together with text that reads, why is jackson creating with lorelia?
gilmore girls!!
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she’s just a girl guys 🎀🎀
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i’m a kid in a candy store 😝💅💖✨🌸💘🎀🌷🍬🍭
₊ ౨ৎ˖ mine don’t repost w/o permission || 4/17/24 ˚⊹
a cartoon character holding a microphone with the caption, rony glimore
two girls standing next to each other with the caption does anyone else properly try to fall back asleep to continue their dream?
#whisper #dream #sleep
two people sitting at a table with food in front of them and the words taylor swift wrote
reason number 4729256 on why i hate dean!
a computer screen with text that reads, ever noticed how pinterest has a mostly female users and is like the most inappropriate
@hvnlyintrfly #pinterest #girls #girlsgirl #whisper