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fashion illustration.
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These sketchbook pages are the unequivocal result of effort, passion and enthusiasm. Although 'decoration' is usually unnecessary within a textile or fashion design sketchbook, in this case, the background patterning demonstrates a complete understanding of the aesthetic; a strong personal response to the colours, shapes, textures, lines and forms of the work studied.
Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design & development board with illustrations, fashion design flats & the final outfits inspired by Japanese, layered fashion - fashion portfolio
Fashion Portfolio - textiles print & pattern design development - fashion sketchbook; fashion illustration // Georgia Bocchetta
Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design development with research & fashion illustrations; fashion portfolio // Rachel Raheja
Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design; fashion illustrations; fashion portfolio // M. Patmos
Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design & development; developing a collection; fashion portfolio // Magpie Montage, Emma Dobson
Fashion Sketchbook - cathedral architecture inspired fashion design portfolio
Fashion Sketchbook design & development by Rory Longdon - experimental textile textures, swatches, drawings