Math: Geometric Shapes

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the quadrilateral family tree is shown in yellow and black with arrows pointing to each other
My Math Resources - Quadrilateral Hierarchy Anchor Chart – 5.G.B.3 & 5.G.B.4
My Math Resources - Quadrilateral Hierarchy Poster, Bulletin Board, & Anchor Chart 5.G.B.3 & 5.G.B.4
a wooden table covered in writing on top of a white board with people standing around it
5 Activities for Teaching Angles
Hands-on activities to teach angles #teachingkidsmath
the polygon family tree is hanging on a bulletin board in front of a wall
I’m trying to up my game on my #anchorcharts for my Geometry AB class! I’ve not quite perfected the art yet, but I’m trying to learn from @theamygroesbeck and @iteachalgebra, the masters!
three pink pieces of paper with writing on them
Fabulous Fourth Grade: Foldables... Can easily be used for first grade shapes too!
a white board with some writing on it
Polygon anchor chart
a piece of paper with different colored shapes on it and the words,'do you know
Great idea for a geometry lesson! Students must create a portrait of an alien using the specified shapes. Be sure to check out the student examples in this post.
a bulletin board with different types of polygons written on it and attached to the wall
Polygon anchor chart
a bag with the word pick a polygon on it and some pieces of paper
2D Shape Activities and Games for Teaching Geometry in 2022
Clutter-Free Classroom: 2D Geometry Games {Common Core Math Activities} - Great shape activities for your Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade classroom. Click through to get yours now! $
an open book with different shapes and lines on it, next to a blue background
September 2014 – The Fun of Teaching
Quadrilateral Chart
a bulletin board with different types of polygons written on it and attached to the wall
Elkins School District - Missing Page
polygon anchor chart - Google Search
a printable worksheet for beginning shapes
My Shapely Monster Easy Reader - Classroom Freebies
Monster activities: FREE My Shapely Monster packet. Includes an easy reader, plus worksheets like this graph.
a close up of a piece of paper on a table with words written in it
Inspire Me, ASAP!
Fun Quadrilaterals Mix and Match FREEBIE :)