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an avocado is being held up in front of a sign that says stop buying avocados plant them in a flower pot and you will always have hundreds of them
How to Grow an Avocado Tree in a Small Pot at Home - organic gardening
a baby sleeping on top of a bed with the words how to prepare for a new baby
Budget For A New Baby - Baby On A Budget - Budget Baby Clothes
Here is a great New Baby checklist to consider as a new mom budgeting for baby!
a close up of a shovel in the dirt with text overlay that reads, family work a blessing from god
How to Make a Fairy Garden for Under $20
How to Plan & Plant a Garden From Scratch - A Guide for Beginners - Landscapes outdoors are perfect for small or large spaces. You can grow them in a bed in the ground or in containers, and it doesn't matter whether you're growing vegetables or flowers from seeds or starter plants. Step by step DIY tutorial for kids or adults.
a young child holding a small plant in their hands
Quick Growing Plants for Kids
Get your kids interested in gardening with these quick growing seeds. A selection of flowers and vegetables that have a quick impact and are easy to grow. Perfect for use at home or in the classroom.
there is a collage of pictures with plants and people in the background text reads it's planting time gardening with kids
It's Planting Time - Gardening with Kids
Takes you step by step through how to plant a garden. Let the kids get their hands dirty in the soil. Gardening with kids is an important step to raising healthy kids. #gardeningwithkids #garden #greenliving #gardeningtips #gardening
the words plants and gardening written on top of a blue succulent with leaves
some houseplants that are green and have the words 12 air purifying hard to kill plants that's super low maintenance
12 Amazing Looking Air Purifying Plants You Need in Your Home
These 12 air purifying plants are THE BEST! I'm so glad I found these GREAT tips! Now I have some great ideas for low maintenance air purifying plants for my home! Definitely pinning!
Learn how to take rosemary cuttings from an established mother plant and grow new rosemary plants in containers that can be moved outside in summer and indoors in winter. Outdoor, Herb Garden, Summer, Growing Herbs, Rosemary Plant, Propagate Rosemary, Herb Gardening, Growing Plants
How to Propagate a Rosemary Plant from Stem Cuttings
Learn how to take rosemary cuttings from an established mother plant and grow new rosemary plants in containers that can be moved outside in summer and indoors in winter.
blueberries growing on a tree with text overlay how to prune blueberries for a larger harvest
Pruning Blueberry Bushes & Blueberry Bush Care For A Larger Harvest
Want a larger harvest of blueberries? Learn how to prune blueberry plants for a larger harvest. Great step by step tutorial, plus love her tips for what to add to the soil. If you want to put in blueberries or already have them, you need to read this tutorial now.
the health benefits of herbs for a healthy garden
Medicinal Plants & Herbs
For centuries, herb plants have been used to cure all sorts of ailments. Both modern and alternative medicine rely on the age-old healing properties found in medicinal herbs. The Growers Exchange has a wide selection of medicinal herb plants.
the info sheet shows how to grow avocado trees
Start A Fire
Infographic on how to grow an avocado tree from seed.: #howtogrowagarden #Vegetablegardenbasics
lemons hanging from a tree with the words how to grow a lemon tree from seed easily in your own home
Start A Fire
How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed Easily in Your Own Home
jars filled with dried herbs sitting on top of a wooden tray next to a teapot
How To Easily Grow Your Own Tea Herbs
How to Grow Your Own Herbs for Tea {even in a small space} | Herbal tea is easy and rewarding to grow yourself. Many tea herbs are easy-to-grow and do well in pots and small spaces, so you can enjoy delicious home-grown tea year-round. Although you can make tea out of almost any herb, here are five (plus one more) of my favorites for both large and small gardens! |
the cover of how and when to harvest herbs, with pictures of different plants in it
Learn How and When to Harvest Your Herbs
Learn How and When to Harvest Your Herbs
how to grow mint indoors in the garden
Growing Mint Indoors: How To
Just in time for fresh, summery cocktails!