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Узоры спицами

Charted cable and lace knitting pattern from a Russian site, but it looks fairly straightforward, and is very pretty

knitting stitch

Very cool charted stitch pattern. I have no idea how to read it yet, but hopefully one day!

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This is a nice cable pattern. I can see it on the front of a cardi, down the sleeves, and mirrored on the back.

ажурный узор спицами схема | каталог вязаных спицами узоров

Любимые вязаные штучки и все для гнездышка.

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Спицы - Узоры - Фантазийные

Схемы нет Шаль рельефными сотами спицами

A bold, large-scale honeycomb pattern on a soft cosy scarf—this is my dream cold-weather knit!

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